Saving Sex Ed and an Overloaded Parent for 05/26/2018
Dear Family Coach

Dear Family Coach: My school district has a sex education program that I don’t care for. Parents have the option of signing their children out of the class. I opted out for my two older children. However, this year all of my younger child’s friends are taking the class, and I’m receiving a lot of pressure for her to attend. I’m not sure I want my eighth-grader forced to endure several weeks of content on sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and even a childbirth video. Am I wrong to want to shield her from the information in this class? — Sex-Can-Wait Mom

Dear Mom: I think you are asking the wrong question. You may not be wrong to want to shield your daughter from information you deem inappropriate for her age. However, the real question is: Is it even possible to shield your daughter at this point? And the answer to that question, whether or not you allow her to attend the class, is a resounding no. The kids are going to talk the second they exit the classroom. Your daughter will miss out on the information from the teacher and only get the highlights from her friends. She will likely then Google the information secretly to learn what you are working so hard avoid.

Updated: Sat May 26, 2018

Saving Sex Ed and an Overloaded Parent for 05/26/2018

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