Family Coach Potty Training Philosophy

Do not feel pressure to begin ahead of schedule. There is a lot of outside pressure to have your child trained. Starting training too early just prolongs the process and adds to everyone’s frustration. It is better to wait until you are ready and you see clear signs that your child is ready.

When is your child ready?

  • When he/she is verbal enough to tell he/she has to go potty
  • The interval between diaper changes is expanding with some periods of dry diapers. Children ready to be trained should be able to have a dry diaper for 2 hours. Diaper might be dry after naps.
  • Child has a somewhat predictable schedule for bowel movements.
  • Child can follow simple instructions.
  • Child is not going through a particularly difficult stage in toddlerhood
  • Child can sit quietly for 3-5 minutes
  • Is showing an interest in the potty
  • You can sometimes tell when your child is making a bowel movement
  • Child can pull down pants by self