“Dr. Pearlman’s book offers parenting advice that is effective in every situation. Chock-full of practical applications, this book will help you ease out of those challenging situations every parent faces.”

—Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Catherine Pearlman, PHD, LCSW

The Best Sports Parents

I love to watch my kids play sports. I love watching water polo. I love flag football. I love the fast pace of the basketball games. I even love the boring (sorry, it’s true) baseball games. I don’t care if my kids win. I don’t particularly care if they play that...


Fortunately, my daughter finally learned to hold her own sippy cup. Unfortunately, my milk dried up. Fortunately, my son started to walk then run. Unfortunately, now he runs away from me every chance he gets. Fortunately, I’m soaking up my son snuggling quietly on my...

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