Good for Me Reward Kit

Rewarding kids for good behavior is a way to minimize negative behaviors and encourage more positive ones. I like this chart because you can write in the behaviors and what a child earns for the stars earned.

It is good to start with only a few behaviors for younger kids. For older children, you can write 6-8 behaviors. Also, try one behavior you know your child can do, one that is a little of a reach but he/she can do, and one that he/she hasn’t done yet, but you would like to see. In the beginning it is good for the child to get a few stars easily. It helps get them invested in the system. Lastly, behaviors on the chart must be positive. Avoid giving a star for not hitting brother, for not spitting food out, for not making a mess. Instead reward for catching child being nice to brother, eating food with good manners, and for cleaning up.

Some good examples of behavior for the chart would be: Put clothes in laundry basket, hang up book bag, good table manners, listens the first time asked, does a good job on homework, and helps a parent with a chore. Choose items that you feel you are always nagging your child to do.